Poké Puffs (Japanese: ポフレ/Pofflé) are small cake-like treats introduced in Generation VI.


Made mostly from berries, Poké Puffs are treats for Pokémon and humans. They come in various tastes, from sweet to spicy. There are luxurious versions of Poké Puffs, including Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Honor and Wish.

In the anime, they are made by Serena and Miette, both who participated in PokéPuff Baking Contest. They also had to bake PokéPuffs in the theme performance round of the Dendemille Town Showcase, which was ultimately won by Serena. Dedenne, Pikachu, Braixen, Chespin and Ash are known to eat and like Serena's PokéPuffs. Also, Chespin is known to eat nearly all of Serena's Poképuffs, usually making him the suspect when half of the Poképuffs are gone. This also lead to him getting easily pranked by Hoopa in the movie Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

In the game, they are snacks for Pokémon in Pokémon-Anime, which is useful for increasing Friendship.



Design Origin

Name Origin

Poké Puff is derived from Pokémon and Puff (pastry).

ポフレ (Pofflé) is a combination of Pokémon and Soufflé (french muffin-like treat).

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