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Poké Kid is a Trainer Class introduced in and exclusive to Generation IV. They are young girls dressed in Pikachu suits and have the same overworld sprite as a Pikachu. In battle, they use Pichu and its evolutions.


DPPt/HGSS Battle Sprite
Poké KidDPsprite

Trainer List

Trainer name Battle Winnings Pokémon
Poké Kid Ariel Initial battle Poké Dollar120 File:025MS.png
Lv.15 x2
Poké Kid Danielle Initial battle Poké Dollar152 File:025MS.png
First rematch Poké Dollar248 File:025MS.png
Second rematch Poké Dollar320 File:025MS.png
Third rematch Poké Dollar440 File:025MS.png
Poké Kid Janet Initial battle Poké Dollar320 File:025MS.png
Lv.41 x2
Poké Kid Meghan Initial battle Poké Dollar328 File:025MS.png
Lv.41 x4


  • In a house full of Pikachu on Route 222, a Poké Kid disguises herself as a Pikachu and can be battled if spoken to. This is similar to how Voltorb, Electrode, and Foongus are sometimes found disguised as a Poké Ball.

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