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A Poké Kid is a Trainer Class introduced in and exclusive to Generation IV. They are young girls dressed in Pikachu suits and have the same overworld sprite as a Pikachu. In battle, they use Pichu and its evolutions.


DPPt/HGSS Battle Sprite
Poké KidDPsprite

Trainer List

Trainer name Battle Winnings Pokémon
Poké Kid Ariel Initial battle Poké Dollar120 File:025MS.png
Lv.15 x2
Poké Kid Danielle Initial battle Poké Dollar152 File:025MS.png
First rematch Poké Dollar248 File:025MS.png
Second rematch Poké Dollar320 File:025MS.png
Third rematch Poké Dollar440 File:025MS.png
Poké Kid Janet Initial battle Poké Dollar320 File:025MS.png
Lv.41 x2
Poké Kid Meghan Initial battle Poké Dollar328 File:025MS.png
Lv.41 x4


  • It may also be possible that they are connected to the PokéFan Trainer Class, as since their introduction, the male PokéFans have always been accompanied by very young children that are also dressed as Pikachu, similar to the Poké Kid.
  • In a house full of Pikachu on Route 222, a Poké Kid disguises herself as a Pikachu and can be battled if spoken to. This is similar to how Voltorb, Electrode, and Foongus are sometimes found disguised as a Poké Ball.

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