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The Poké Ball Factory is located north of Laverre City. To reach it, the Player should walk up the path east of the Laverre City Gym. Team Flare has invaded the building in hopes of stealing all of the PokéBalls the factory manufactures. It is the Player's job to drive the villains off before they succeed with their plans. The Player must defeat all the Team Flare Grunts and activate switches in order to reach the company president's office where he/she will encounter Team Flare scientists Celosia and Bryony. The two scientists try to convince the president to give Team Flare his company's PokéBalls, to which he refuses. The Player must battle the two admins after they threaten to destroy the factory. Even after the Player defeats the admins, Team Flare manages to acquire the PokéBalls they needed. This location must be cleared in order to continue the main story.

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