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Summer Camp PokéVision competition

The PokéVision Competition is a competition in the Pokémon Summer Camp. On the third day the participants compete making PokéVision videos. Sophie prepares Poké Puffs baking tools and grooming so the Trainers can show their Pokémon in their recordings. The teams are free to use the tools and scout for places of where to film, as well as take time planning and editing until the evening to finish them. The videos are screened at 9:00 PM and points are determined by the contestants, who vote for teams that are not theirs.


  • Team Froakie: Poké Puff themed
  • Team Squirtle: Their goals
  • Team Charmander: Water-type themed
  • Team Chikorita: Flying-type themed


  • Team Froakie: 1st
  • Team Chikorita: 2nd
  • Team Charmander: 3rd

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