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PokéVision (ポケビジョン PokeBijon) are anime-exclusive promotional videos made in the Kalos region. PokéVision are not limited to Pokémon Trainers, however; anyone with a Pokémon can create these videos as a way to express the bonds with each other or just the Pokémon or Trainer themselves.

Video creation

Pokémon Trainers can do anything to feature themselves and their Pokémon for a theme. They can show off their fashion sense with Trainers being able to dress up as their own Pokémon, cook together by making Poké Puffs or other sweets, or just express their bonds together.

With equipment and costumes provided by Pokémon Centers, Trainers and such are able to start making PokéVision videos. To make a video, they first create a theme centering themselves or their Pokémon, and act out the scenes as the theme follows. After a rough creation, they are able to bring the data of the video to edit by cutting the scenes or editing the audio with the provided help. After that, the final product can be viewed before being officially uploaded.

After being uploaded to a video website and receiving a large amount of votes, Trainers and their Pokemon can be featured in the Best 10 PokéVisions, which can be viewed in Pokémon Centers. They can also appear as one of the Top 3 with immense popularity.

Pokémon Performers can use this as a way to promote themselves for Pokémon Showcases. As mentioned in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, PokéVisions also allow Showcase fans to watch recent Showcases.


PokéVision are quite similar to Trainer PR Videos in Pokémon X and Y. It is possible that PokéVision might be a reference to the PR videos.

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