PokéManiac (Japanese: かいじゅうマニア Monster Maniac) is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I.

They first appeared as strange boys wearing trench coats or cloaks with long hair covering half of their face. In Generation III and beyond, they are Pokémon cosplayers dressed like Charizard or Tyranitar. Bill is said to be a PokéManiac.

They raise many different types of Pokémon from the monster egg-group, all of them being reptilian in terms of looks, such as Charmander, Lickitung, Lairon and Cubone. They also seem to favor rare Pokémon.


RB Battle Sprite

GSC Battle Sprite

RSE Battle Sprite

FRLG Battle Sprite

HGSS Battle Sprite






  • In Pokémon Stadium 2, the PokeManiacs seem to wear trench coats instead of cloaks. Since all Trainer appearances are based on the sprites of Gold, Silver and Crystal, this is the only Trainer Class not to have his appearance based on his appearance in the Generation II games.

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