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Platinum Berlitz
Gender: Female
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Region: [[Sinnoh]]
Family: Yanase Berlitz, Sir Berlitz
Friends: Dia and Pearl
Class: Pokémon Trainer and Pokémon Coordinator
First Appearance: Pokémon Adventures
[[Category:Characters from Sinnoh]]

Platinum or Platina is a Pokedex Holder in the Pokémon Adventures Manga. Her Pokémon are Empoleon, Rapidash, Lopunny, Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu. At the beginning, Dia and Pearl thought she was their tour guide, with Dia taking an early interest in her and Pearl getting a little annoyed and perplexed regarding her attitude.


Galactic help

Platinum swearing to help defeat Team Galactic.

Just like most characters in the manga they are based on the playable characters. Platinum is based on the female character of Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Diamond, and Pokémon Pearl; Dawn or Hikari.


Diamond and Pearl Chapter



She didn't know that Dia and Pearl weren't her bodyguards and she thought about it when she learned the truth but she still kept the two of them because of their friendship. She is being taught by Diamond and Pearl how to battle.

Whenever she is battling a Gym Leader, Diamond and Pearl give her some tips. She met Cynthia while training for her battle with Gardenia. At late chapters, she swears to defeat Team Galactic's plans and forgiving Dia and Pearl for lying


  • She is both a Trainer and a Coordinator.
    • The reason she got into battles is because of her Piplup.
  • Her surname is Berlitz. Hence she is known as Lady Platinum Berlitz.
    • She is also one of the three Dexholders to have a known surname.
  • Her mother is named Yanase Berlitz.
  • She shows signs of enthusiasm at trying anything new. For instance, her excitement at going down in a coal mine on a tour resulted in her getting attacked by Kricketot.
  • Has a naivety about the Pokémon world and its customs. In example, she had never heard of Gym Battles or Pokémon Contests until her journey.
  • Platinum didn't know how to ride a bike until Dia and Pearl taught her how.
  • Platinum does seem to giggle at Diamond and Pearl's skits, but every time Pearl points out that she giggled, Platinum denies it.

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