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This egg group covers any [[Pokémon]] that has a plant like appearence this covers most Grass Types except for [[Sceptile]]'s evolutionary line and [[Cradily]]'s evolutionary line. [[Bulbasaur]], [[Oddish]], [[Paras]], [[Bellsprout]], [[Exeggcute]], [[Tangela]], [[Snivy]], [[Cottonee]], [[Petilil]], [[Maractus]], [[Foongus]], [[Ferroseed]], and other lines are in this group. Because it consists solely of Grass types it has been called the ''Grass egg group. Now go check out the [[Ditto]] Egg group because Ditto is in it, you Lazy, Sleazy, Ugly, Mean, No-Good morons. '''SEE LINK FOR: [[Evolution]]'''''{{stub}}
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