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Pitfall Valley (Japanese: ならくの たに Hell Valley) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and contains 25 floors.

General Data
Floors: 25
Rest Stops: 0
Traps: Yes
Main Type: Flying
Boss: None

Unlocking Pitfall Valley

Plot and/or ending details may follow.

Unown Exclamation XY

To unlock Pitfall Valley, the player must have the HM Surf, which can be obtained at Solar Cave using a key. The second requirement is that the player must have the Friend Area "Southern Island", which is bought from Wigglytuff Club for 9,500 Poke. Finally, the player must defeat Latios, the boss of Northern Range. After defeating him, Latios will send the player to Pitfall Valley to rescue Latias. Latias does not attack the player and both will join your team after this dungeon has been completed for the first time.

Wild Pokemon In Pitfall Valley
Pokemon Floors Levels Recruitment Rate
Pidgeot 1-6 16 Impossible
Farfetch'd 1-6 30 7.2%
Ledyba 1-6 25 12.1%
Swellow 1-6 20 Impossible
Hoppip 4-8 8


Butterfree 4-9 35 Impossible
Raticate 4-9 25 Impossible
Spearow 4-9 34 11.9%
Doduo 7-12 25 7.2%
Swablu 7-12 24 7.5%
Yanma 9-15 25 7.4%
Masquerain 10-14 40 Impossible
Scyther 13-18 32 10%
Skiploom 15-20 25 -19%
Aerodactyl 15-25 25 8.4%

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