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Pink Butterfree
ピンクバタフリー Pinku Batafurii
Gender: Female
Debut: Bye Bye Butterfree
Current location: With Ash's Butterfree in the wild

The Pink Butterfree is a bug/flying-type Pokémon.


IL021 15

Pink Butterfree blushing.

The pink Butterfree, at first, didn't like Ash's Butterfree, as she ignored him, after he tried to get her attention once more with his courtship dance, she slapped him in the face. Butterfree was heartbroken and didn't take the rejection well. Team Rocket kidnapped her along with other Butterfree to use for their own needs, Ash's Butterfree then showed Ash and his friends where they were keeping the Butterfree. They then rescued them and just as James was about to recapture her, Ash's Butterfree intervened with a Tackle attack this made her blush. She and the others flew out of the hut and she started doing the courtship dance towards Ash's Butterfree who then began dancing with her. Ash and his Butterfree then shared a teary good-bye and told Pink Butterfree to take care of him. She hasn't been seen since but she and her mate did make a cameo in the Japanese opening Spurt!

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Known moves

None of pink Butterfree's moves are known.


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