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ピカ Pika
Trainer: Red (Adventures)
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Debut: PA004: Wanted: Pikachu
Caught where: Pewter City
Current location: With Red
Evolved: Not Yet Evolved

Pika (Japanese: ピカ Pika) is one of Red's favorite Pokémon. Red caught on his way to Pewter City. It is male, with the ability Static.


At Pewter City, in the 4th chapter of the RBG saga of the Pokémon Special series, it was eating the market's food products and everyone tried to catch it, with little success. Red decided to help them, so he sent out his Bulbasaur and, through its natural resistance against Electric attack, subdued the Pikachu, giving Red the opportunity to capture it. The people were grateful for Red saving their businesses, inviting him over for a meal as a reward. Red then showed them the Pokédex info about Pikachu, along with its Pokémon Red and Blue Sprite, saying it's the reason why he was on a journey. Through the Pokédex, Red saw that this Pikachu came from the Viridian Forest.



  • Chuchuegg

    Pika and Chuchu having an offspring/egg

    Only Pika is so far the only Pikachu that knows the move Surf, along with Chuchu and their offspring, a Pichu.

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