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Pick-Up is an ability that allows the Pokémon to pick up items while wandering around the field. If a Pokémon has picked up an item, it appears after a battle. Also, the Pokémon's level determines the rarity of the item picked up.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#052 Meowth 052 Type Normal Natural
#190 Aipom 190 Type Normal Natural
#216 Teddiursa 216 Type Normal Natural
#231 Phanpy 231 Type Ground Natural
#263 Zigzagoon 263 Type Normal Natural
#264 Linoone 264 Type Normal Natural
#417 Pachirisu 417 Type Electric Natural
#424 Ambipom 424 Type Normal Natural
#446 Munchlax 446 Type Normal Natural
#506 Lillipup 506 Type Normal Natural
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