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For the variant appearing in the games, see Barry (game).
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(パール Pearl)
Pearl manga
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Tower Tycoon Palmer (father)
Friends: Diamond, Platinum
Class: Pokémon Trainer/Comedy Duo
First Appearance: Stagestruck Starly

Pearl is a character in Adventures who is also one of the Pokédex Holders of Sinnoh.


His appearance is based from Barry the rival from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, but with slightly more tangled up hair than the game counterpart.


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Diamond & Pearl arc

First introduced at Jubilife City, he, and his partner Diamond wins the Judges' Special Merit Prize. When leaving the Grand Prix, Prof. Rowan's envelope gets mixed up with the two boy's grand prize, accidentally making them unknowingly accept the mission to guard Platinum on her journey to Mt. Coronet. Pearl and Dia believe they are on a reality show, while Platinum, known as "Missy" at the time, think of them as her bodyguards.

Both Diamond and him had fought and almost broke their friendship because, from what Dia said, he is always treated unfairly.

Platinum arc

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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Chatler was Pearl's first Pokémon, it was first seen in Stagestruck Starly. It is easily angered like its owner and it is also used to spy on Platinum. He is Pearl's main and only flying Pokemon.
Pokémon Information
Chimler was chosen by Pearl as a Chimchar, it seemed to lazy and likes to race. It is a very strong battler and shown when Platinum used it against Maylene. It evolved into Monferno with Tru and Prinplup while training for Platinum's first Gym Battle. It later evolved along with Tru at the Veilstone Department Store.
Pokémon Information
Luxray manga
Rayler was first seen as a Luxio in Extreme Luxio where it befriended Pearl. It was seen again to help Diamond and his friends escape from Cyrus. At Fuego Ironworks, He officially joined Pearl's team.
Pokémon Information
Pearl Zeller
Zeller was first seen when Crasher Wake suggested Pearl should catch one. After many attempts, he finally caught one. Zeller was shown to be very hostile to Pearl by biting his head when called, it later opened up to Pearl and was shown to be a good battler.
Pokémon Information
Pearl Diglett
Digler was caught during the battle of Team Galatic to complete Pearl's team.
Pokémon Information
Pearl Tauler
Tauler was caught along with Digler to complete Pearl's team.


Pokémon Information
Palkia Adventures
Pearl befriended Palkia at the Spear Pillar after freeing from the control of Cyrus. Pearl rode on it to enter the Distortion World to stop Giratina and Charon.
Pokémon Information
Diamond's Rotom
Rotom is a Pokemon which was befriended by Pearl and Diamond. He has attacked them several times but after the battle with Giratina. It officially joined Diamond's team.


Pokémon Information
Grumpy and Flaky
Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed are two Unown in which Pearl befriended at Solaceon Ruins, Platinum named one of them, Grumpy because it acts like Pearl. He later helped them to free their friends.
Mr. Hasty and Mr. Relaxed
Pokémon Information
Azelf Adventures
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  • He with Diamond are both comedy duos in the story.
  • Pearl is the 3rd boy in the Adventure series to have a girl's name. (Along with Ruby and Emerald.)
  • He knows what a Pokemon's move is by its stance.


Diamond & Pearl arc

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