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Peace Smile! is the second Japanese ending theme of the XY series.


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♪ Ashita wa motto kagayaka yo

Shinjite piisupiisumairu! Pikapika no mirai ni chuu Junbi wa okee!

Kyou ga tokubetsu na hi ja nakute mo Itsumo omoi ukabu n da Kimi wa doko ka na nani wo shiteru no Aitaku naru yo Donna ni hanareta tte Hora tsunagatteru kokoro

Nakitakunattari kujikesou na toki wa Kitto ne yuuki ga tsuyokunareru kagi Ii koto dake ja nai de mo utsumu ka nai de Isso ni koete ikou yo!

Ima yori motto yume wo miyou Ookiku piisupiisumairu! Pikapika no mirai ni chuu Shichao shichao!

Teto te wo gyutto tsunaidara Ukiuki piisupiisemairu! Hitori ja nai tte happii! Yasashii yasashii sono egao ga daisuki Kaerou kaerou kimi no moto e! ♪

♪ You will shine even brighter tomorrow

Believe in the peace-peacsmile! Kiss the sparkling future; Everything is ready!

Even if today is not a special day, I'm constantly reminded of you Where are you? What are you doing? It makes me want to see you Hey, no matter how far we're apart, Our hearts are connected

Whenever you get disheartened and want to cry You know, I'm sure courage is the key to getting stronger Things won't alwats work out, but don't look sad; Let's overcome our problems together!

Let's dream even bigger than before, Let's make a big peace-peacsmile! Kiss the sparkling future; Let's kiss it, let's kiss it!

If we hold hands tightly We'll make a cheerful peace-peacsmile! I'm so happy I'm not alone! I love your kind smile I'll go back, back to your side! ♪

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