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Paul's Honchkrow

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Paul's Honchkrow
Japanese Name
Paul Honchkrow
Trainer: Paul
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Super Luck
Debut: DP040: Top-Down Training!
Episode captured: Prior to DP040: Top-Down Training!
Caught where: Johto
Current location: With Paul
Evolved: Lost Leader Strategy
Paul's Honchkrow is a Pokémon that Paul caught before traveling in Sinnoh.


As a Murkrow, it was used when Paul battled Cynthia, the Pokémon Champion, and lost to her Garchomp. Murkrow also appeared while Paul was training Chimchar.

During a flashback of Paul's battle with Maylene it was revealed that Murkrow had evolved and had defeated Maylene's Meditite and fought her Machoke to a draw. Later Honchkrow was used in a battle with Ash's Turtwig and although Turtwig evolved during the battle, Honchkrow was still victorious. Ash's Staravia also evolved whilst battling Honchkrow in a Pokeringer contest. Earlier in this contest Honchkrow was shown to be powerful enough to knock out a Dragonite with one Sky Attack.

During Paul's first six on six battle with Ash, Honchkrow battled Grotle for the second time and was victorious once again.

Known moves

Haze + Top Down Training
Sky Attack + Top Down Training
Shadow Ball Glory Blaze
Night Slash + Aiding the Enemy
Aerial Ace Aiding the Enemy
Dark Pulse Aiding the Enemy
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • Two of Ash's Pokemon have evolved whilst battling Honchkrow; Turtwig and Staravia.
  • Murkrow appeared in the opening theme of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl long before its actual debut in an episode.

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