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|image = Paul_Honchkrow.png
|image = Paul_Honchkrow.png
|trainer = Paul
|trainer = Paul
|gender = Unknown
|gender = Male
|ability = [[Super Luck]]
|ability = [[Super Luck]]
|debut = DP040: Top-Down Training!
|debut = DP040: Top-Down Training!

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Paul's Honchkrow
Japanese Name
Paul Honchkrow
Trainer: Paul
Gender: Male
Ability: Super Luck
Debut: DP040: Top-Down Training!
Episode captured: Prior to DP040: Top-Down Training!
Caught where: Johto
Current location: With Paul
Evolved: Lost Leader Strategy
Paul's Honchkrow is a Pokémon that Paul caught in Johto before traveling in Sinnoh.


As a Murkrow, it was used when Paul battled Cynthia, the Pokémon Champion, and lost to her Garchomp. Murkrow also appeared while Paul was training Chimchar.

During a flashback of Paul's battle with Maylene it was revealed that Murkrow had evolved and had defeated Maylene's Meditite and fought her Machoke to a draw. Later Honchkrow was used in a battle with Ash's Turtwig and although Turtwig evolved during the battle, Honchkrow was still victorious. Ash's Staravia also evolved whilst battling Honchkrow in a PokéRinger contest. Earlier in this contest Honchkrow was shown to be powerful enough to knock out a Dragonite with one Sky Attack.

During Paul's first six on six battle with Ash, Honchkrow battled Grotle for the second time and was victorious once again.

Known Moves

Move Episode
Haze + Top - Down Training!
Sky Attack + Top - Down Training!
Shadow Ball Glory Blaze!
Night Slash + Aiding the Enemy
Aerial Ace Aiding the Enemy!
Dark Pulse Aiding the Enemy!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • Two of Ash's Pokemon have evolved whilst battling Honchkrow; Turtwig and Staravia.
  • Murkrow appeared in the opening theme of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl long before its actual debut in an episode.

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