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Paul's Gastrodon

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Paul's Gastrodon
Shinji's Toritodon
Trainer: Paul
Debut: A Real Rival Rouser!
Episode captured: Prior to A Real Rival Rouser!
Caught where: Sinnoh
Current location: With Paul
Evolves In: Prior to A Real Rival Rouser!

Paul's Gastrodon is a Pokémon that Paul caught in Sinnoh. It was used in Paul's battle with Ash in the Sinnoh League as his second Pokémon.


Gastrodon was shown to be a strong battler. It even copied Ash's counter shield tactic with Muddy Water, and swats away Ash's Staraptor with ease. When Staraptor finds an opening, Gastrodon uses Body Slam before Staraptor can land a hit, and crushes Staraptor. It launches Water Pulse up, and plans to jump out of the way at the last second. Staraptor uses Close Combat on the ground to escape, but Gastrodon strikes him down immediately with Ice Beam.

Ash's Buizel came out before Gastrodon could finish Staraptor. It uses Aqua Jet against Ice Beam to make Ice Aqua Jet, then uses Ice Punch to finish Gastrodon.

However, despite his performance, he was merely a throwaway to uncover Ash's strategy, which allowed Paul's Paul's Drapion to single handeley wipe out half of Ash's team.

Known moves

Move Episode
Muddy Water Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Body Slam Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Water Pulse Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
Ice Beam Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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