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Panula Cave
パヌラのどうくつ Panula Cave
Information about Panula Cave
Region: Fiore
Connecting locations: North Road
Summerland (by submarine)
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal

Panula Cave (Japanese: パヌラのどうくつ Panula Cave) is the location of the eighth mission in Pokémon Ranger. It is an ice-covered cave connected to the Krokka Tunnel.

The player must travel through the cave and along the North Road to reach Wintown after traveling to the entrance by submarine from Summerland. However, the Go-Rock Squad is there as well, and a raging Steelix must be calmed in order to pass. The mission is completed after the player returns to Wintown.


This is a list of the wild Pokémon available at Panula Cave.

Sprite Pokémon PokéAssist Loops required Field Move
Pikachu Electric 2 Rechargex1 Rechargex1
Raichu Electric 3 Rechargex1 Rechargex1 Rechargex1
Golbat Poison 7 Gustx1 Gustx1
Poliwhirl Water 5 Soakx1 Soakx1
Poliwrath Fighting 11 Soakx1 Soakx1 Soakx1
Golem Rock 15 Crushx1 Crushx1 Crushx1
Jynx Psychic 9 N/A
Crobat Poison 4 N/A
Wobbuffet Psychic 8 N/A
Steelix Ground 10 N/A
Sneasel Dark 3 Cutx1 Cutx1
Swinub Ice 5
Piloswine Ice 7 Tacklex1 Tacklex1 Tacklex1
Whismur Normal 4 N/A
Loudred Normal 7 N/A
Exploud Normal 14 N/A
Medicham Fighting 9 Crushx1 Crushx1
Solrock Psychic 6 N/A
Dusclops Ghost 9 N/A
Absol Dark 5 Cutx1 Cutx1 Cutx1
Snorunt Ice 7
Glalie Ice 9 N/A
Regice Ice 13 N/A

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