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Palace Maven Spenser
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Hoenn
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Class: Palace Maven
First Appearance: Pokémon Emerald

Palace Maven Spenser is the 5th Frontier Brain of the Hoenn region. He lives in the wild and he knows how to make Pokémon medicine and food with the help of his Venusaur.

In the Manga

Emerald Arc

He was accused of being the person that was behind of all troubles by Ruby and Sapphire because he also touched the Blue Orb, but it was later revealed that he wasn't. Also, when Emerald lost to Tucker, Emerald changed his plans and battled Spenser.


Spenser's Battle Sprite


In Anime

Pokémon Information
Spenser Venusaur
Venusaur is Spenser's main Pokémon, although Scott has mentioned that it's less powerful than Claydol. Spenser often rides on Venusaur.
Pokémon Information
Palace Maven Spenser's Chansey
Spenser used Chansey to heal Ash's Sceptile. Chansey's only known move is Heal Bell
Pokémon Information
Palace Maven Spenser's Shiftry
Spenser's Shiftry battled against Ash during his Frontier Brain battle.
Pokémon Information
Palace Maven Spenser's Claydol
Claydol is Spenser's most powerful Pokémon, it battled against Ash during his Frontier Brain battle.

In Game

Spenser(E)Sprite File:Crobat(E)Sprite.gif File:Slaking(E)Sprite.gif File:Lapras(E)Sprite.gif
Palace Maven Spenser Crobat Slaking Lapras
SpiritSSilverSilver Symbol Level - Level - Level -
Spenser(E)Sprite File:Arcanine(E)Sprite.gif File:Slaking(E)Sprite.gif File:Suicune E.gif
Palace Maven Spenser Arcanine Slaking Suicune
SpiritSGoldGold Symbol Level - Level - Level -
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