Stopping Darkrai!! (ダークライを止めろ!! Stop Darkrai!!) is the 12th and final chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Trapped in a cave, Team Galactic's leader, Io, tries her best to capture Darkrai, but falls asleep, due to Dakrai's Dark Void. However, Hiori, along with his friends and Pokémon, focus their will, hope and strength into Lucario, who attempts to launch one attack to stop Dakrai from covering the world in darkness.

Chapter Plot

Dakrai uses its power, hitting everyone. Porygon-Z uses Signal Beam, but misses, so tries with Zap Cannon. Hiori tells Io, Team Galactic's leader, Dakrai has done nothing wrong ,but gets hit by Porygon-Z. Porygon-Z continues attacking, but gets stopped by Hiori's Lucario, as Hiori wnats to protect Dakrai. Suddenly, Dakrai uses Dark Void on Io and Porygon-Z, then uses Bad Dreams to suck their energy away. Lily warns them if Dakrai goes out, it will be fully powered to consume the world in darkness.

Rocco thinks it is nothing bad to be asleep, but Lily reminds him people may do something dangerous and might hurt themselves and anyone else. They intend on stopping Dakrai, but Rocco tells Dakrai is too fast and will dodge any attack. Hiori is confident, for they need one strong attack to hit Dakrai. Dakrai uses Dark Void, sealing the entrance. It uses Dark Void once more, but Hiori sees his chance in that.

Hiori sends Mime Jr., who uses Safeguard to protect itself. Dakrai repeats its attack, though Mime Jr. reflects it back using Mimic. As Dakrai is asleep, Hiori sends all his Pokémon. They gather around Lucario, along with Lily, Rocco and Hiori. Together, they launch Aura Sphere, which hits Dakrai. Darkrai wakes up and is not angry anymore, making everyone happy they succeeded in the task. Suddenly, the walls shake and rocks fall down. With the entrance sealed, the trio sees they have no choice left, as all their Pokémon are exhausted.

A month passes and Nazuna grabs some newspaper. However, she believes Hiori is still alive. Meanwhile, Rocco brags, as he sent Gardevoir, who rescued them all. Lily and Hiori are not amused, as he keeps saying that most of the time, even if he did save Io as well. Nevertheless, Hiori, Rocco and Lily go on their next mission, for the Phantom Thief lives on and strikes once more.


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