Into The Hands Of Evil?! (悪の手に落ちた!? Into The Hands Of Evil!?) is the 11th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Lily continues her fight against the Team Galactic's member. As the man tries to retreat, Team Galactic's leader, Io, appears and overpoweres Hiori. She throws her Poké Ball and catches Dakrai, but...

Chapter Plot

Lily rushes to Leafeon, who emerges from the boulders. The man is angry, as Leafeon still stands. Rampardos uses Head Smash, hitting Leafeon, but the man is shocked, as that was but an illusion. The Leafeon uses Razor Leaf, hitting Rampardos. The man realizes it was through Substitute, as Leafeon made an illusion of itself during the rock slide. The man tries to escape, though Hiori and Lily stop him. The man falls down, as Team Galactic's leader, with her Porgygon-Z, attack him.

Lily stares at the leader, angered she was the one who controlled her through Mismagius. She presents a special Poké Ball, intending on capturing Darkrai and make each and every being to be hypnotized to serve her. Hiori decides to stop her, his Lucario uses Aura Sphere. Porygon-Z uses Conversion 2, causing Aura Sphere to have no effect, for Porygon-Z changes its type. Lucario goes to use Toxic, but gets hit by Signal Beam instead. Hiori rushes to Lucario and gets hit by Signal Beam as well. Hiori is overpowered, as the woman is really fast and strong.

The leader throws her Poké Ball and catches Dakrai. However, the Ball malfunctions, causing the Ball to be destroyed and Darkrai is released. Darkrai is mad and roars ouit, causing the rocks to fall down. Hiori realizes Darkrai is thinking they are its enemies as well.