A World Covered In Darkness (警戒網を打ち破れ! Break Through the Lookout Net!) is the 10th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Rocco, Lily and Hiori team up to stop Team Galactic. After coming into the cave of operations, they face Darkrai, who is being imprisoned in a cocoon. The Team Galactic's leader appears, so Lily uses her Pokémon, given by Nazuna, to pay back, for the man controlled her via Mismagius.

Chapter Plot

Lily, Rocco and Hiori prepare themselves for an attack to save Darkrai. Drifblim carries them across the sky, from where Lily can sense Darkrai's aura. She thinks they can reach it in about three days. Rocco replies that leaves them with two days to stop Darkrai. He thinks Gardevoir can teleport them there, but Hiori replies they need to clash with Team Galactic first. Rocco is not pleased, as he wanted to avoid that. Lily presents Hiori with Nazuna's Pokémon, as she has left her Mismagius, who controlled her.

Before going, Nazuna gave her the Pokémon. Lily asked Nazuna to forgive Hiori, but Nazuna replied she had nothing to forgive, making Rocco think she is a sweet girl. On the night of the third day, the trio sees Galactic grunts at the entrance of the cave. To make sure they don't call backup, Hiori's Tangrowth sprays Sleep Powder, causing the grunts to fall asleep. They enter the cave and see Dakrai, wrapped in a cocoon. Suddenly, they get attacked by a Rampardos.

Its owner, a member of Team Galactic, appears. Lily is shocked, for he couldn't sense his aura, but the man replies he wears the cloak to make his aura invisible. Lily decides to fight him, for she served this man during her days with Team Galactic. The man tells traitors do not deserve mercy from him. Lily sends Nazuna's Leafeon. Rampardos goes to headbutt Leafeon, who jumps and uses Bullet Seed on it. Lily sees the man has not changed a bit, as Leafeon uses Razor Leaf.

However, Rampardos uses Fire Blast, hitting Leafeon. It follows using Ice Beam. Rocco thinks they should help Lily, but Hiori reminds him Lily wanted to battle on her own. Rampardos uses Ice Beam, but Leafeon uses Attract, causing Rampardos to miss. The man is not pleased, for Leafeon is female, causing the move to work on his male Rampardos. Still, Rampardos uses Rock Slide. The rocks fall on Leafeon, shocking Lily, who rushes to her side.