Lily Regains Her Memories! (リリよ、思い出せ! Lily, Remember!) is the 8th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Lily is being controlled by Mismagius. To free her from the grasp, Hiori uses Mime Jr. to fight back. However, Lily does not give up and launches an assault after another. She goes to defeat Hiori, who makes a surprise attack.

Chapter Plot

Lily regains her memories, though Mismagius appears to control her. Lily attacks Hiori and Rocco, ordering Mismagius to use Hyper Beam. However, they disppear and float above Lily, for Hiori sent Drifblim. They wonder why did Lily recover her memories and realize Mismagius controls her, for she managed to gain memories when it was asleep by Secret Power. Hiori comes down, intending on rescuing Lily. Mismagius uses Shadow Ball, while Mime Jr. uses Light Screen for protection.

Lily mocks Hiori for using a weak Pokémon, while Hiori tries to defeat Mismagius, for it is the one controlling Lily. Mismagius uses Psywave, though Mime Jr. retaliates using Mimic, hitting Mismagius back. They vanish, so Lily goes to look for them. She sees Hiori, but remembers his aura. Mismagius bumps into her, reminding her to attack. She comes to Hiori, surprising him and her Mismagius uses Shadow Ball, hitting Hiori and Mime Jr.

Lily thinks nobody could've withstood the attack, but Hiori stands up, his Mime Jr. using Psywave to attack Mismagius. Lily thinks Hiori has done this to drop her guard. Hiori confirms, for he was no match for Mismagius, so he had lured Lily's Mismagius close to counterattack. Hiori knows Lily can sense aura of beings. Suddenly, Mismagius stands up, while Mime Jr. cannot attack yet. Mismagius uses Hyper Beam to defeat them. However, Lucario sneaks onto Mismagius and uses Shadow Claw, defeating Mismagius.

Lily opens her eyes and recognizes her brother. Happy Hiori remembers her, Lily hugs him.


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