Stolen Memories (うばわれた記憶 Stolen Memories) is the 7th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


A figure sends Lily to attack Hiori and Rocco. Lily has no memories of Hiori and attacks him with brutal strength. Rocco helps him by distracting Lily, who begins to remember.

Chapter Plot

A mysterious i+figure watches the Phantom Thief approaching the Galactic HQ. She orders her servant, Lily, to take care of it, who agrees without hesitation. As Rocco and Hiori approach the hideout, Lucario gasps. Hiori remembers Lucario's reaction and realizes Lily is nearby. They see her, dressed as Team Galactic grunt, who tells Hiori she has been waiting for him. Hiori tries to make her remember him, but Rocco fears she has lost her childhood memories. Lily sends Dusknoair, who attacks Hiori. Lily wonders why the Phantom Thief is not attacking. Hiori replies he came to save her, but Lily orders her Dusknoir to bind them.

Lucario is binded and punched by Dusknoir. Hiori tries to make Lily remember him, but Lily does not know him at all and stomps him. To retaliate, Rocco sends Magmortar and Gardevoir to attack Lily. He asks a girl like her shouldn't fight. However, Lily is angry and has Dusknoir corner them with Ice Beam. Dusknoir uses Bind, but gets stopped and poisoned by Smog. Lily is furious she lost to "nobody", so sends Mismagius, who uses Energy Ball. Rocco runs and makes a plan to fight back without hitting Lily.

Gardevoir uses Secret Power, but nothing happens. Mismagius goes to retaliate, but falls asleep, due to the effect of Secret Power. Rocco offers Lily to escape, who has headaches. Lily stands up and remembers her name, shocking Hiori and Rocco, for her memories are returning.