Showdown With An Assassin (立ちはだかる刺客 Assassin Blocking the Way) is the 6th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


After learning the location of the Galactic Hideout, Rocco joins Hiori and both go to rescue Lily. However, they face another grunt, whose Magnezone paralyzes and electrocutes Hiori's Pokémon. Hiori does his best to make retaliations.

Chapter Plot

Lucario launches Water Pulse, hitting the grunt and his Electivire. The grunt did not expect Lucario to know Water-type moves. Hiori intimidates the grunt, wanting to know where Lily is. The grunt thinks she her ability is coming in handy at the Galactic Hideout. The grunt points at the mountain, but Rocco finds it hard to believe the grunt would reveal this info so easily. The grunt simply points at the transmitter, for this conversation is heard at the HQ. Lucario is furious and attacks the grunt, makiung him faint. Hiori sends Drifblim, thanking Rocco for assistance, but now Hiori has to find his sister by himself and does not want any danger to come to anyone else.

Rocco teleports with Gardevoir to Hiori, as he thinks they need him. Hiori thinks Rocco wants to come with them, but Rocco replies he will leave, so Hiori takes the words back. Later, Hiori and Rocco encounter a Team Galactic Grunt with a Magnezone. Rocco thinks the grunt is pretty and offers her a cup of tea. The grunt's Magnezone uses Spark, but Drifblim dodges. Lucario uses Aura Sphere, countered by Magnezone's Magnet Bomb, who retaliate with Thunder Wave. Magnezone keeps using Thunder Wave, so Drifblim uses Stockpile. However, it falls down with Hiori and Rocco after getting hit by Magnezone's Zap Cannon.

The grunt decides to check if they did survive the fall. Hiori and Rocco are saved by Hiori's Tangrowth, who holds them. However, Rocco almost falls down and yells out, catching the attention of the grunt. Drifblim, who recovered, faces Magnezone, as both use Charge Beam. However, Drifblim is hurt, for Magnezone is unaffected by Charge Beam. It goes to defeat them using Magnet Bomb, but Drifblim recovers, due to usage of Stockpile. Drifblim gusts Magnezone and the grunt away, defeating them. With the situation resolved, Hiori and Rocco continue to look for Lily.