Escape from Team Galactic (ギンガ団からの救出 The Rescue from Team Galactic) is the 5th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Hiori explains Rocco the past with Lily, his sister. Rocco tells him she is a servant to Team Galactic, an organization spreading crimes. Later, they try to search for Lily, but get an unexpected visit from a member of Team Galactic himself.

Chapter Plot

Rocco and Lucario wake up Hiori from unconsciousness. Hiori tells Rocco Lily is his long-lost sister, shocking him. Hiori remembers he, Lily and Riolu played Hide and Seek five years ago. However, Riolu came back, warning Hiori Lily went missing. Hiori explains Riolu evolved to Lucario he has now. Rocco thinks it must've been hard for Hiori to see his sister like that. Hiori is pleased, for he still knows his sister is alive. Hiori is still determined to find her, but Rocco replies it is none of his business.

Hiori still asks Rocco if he sees her, to reply him back. Hiori shows a photo of Lily and Riolu. Rocco imagines Lily's appearance and thinking Lily would have a crush with him, Rocco decides to find Lily. Next day, Hiori works at a bakery and a customer arrives. Rocco greets them, but Hiori tackles Rocco, ordering him not to reveal his identity. Rocco replies he found the piece of mantle from Lily's cloak, with an embelm, and managed to recognize what it represents. Rocco tells it is the sign of Team Galactic.

Hiori remembers they are supposed to work with Pokémon to commit crimes, plus Mako mentioned something about them. Hiori does not understand, for he used Lucario's aura to track her down, but had no success. Rocco thinks the mantle must've protected her from Lucario's aura, but wonders, for a piece of aura may reside inside her, as Lucario recognized her at first. Hiori thinks Team Galactic kidnapped her, for she has a special ability: she can sense other people's aura. Still, Hiori is not going to give up on the quest to find Lily and rescue her.

During the night, Hiori and Rocco try to find Lily. Suddenly, a Thunderbolt is used behind them, as a Team Galactic grunt and his Electivire appear. The grunt explains the girl from yesterday is taking a break for messing up, but wonders who they are. Hiori replies he is her brother and demands to know where she is. Lucario fiercely uses Aura Sphere and attacks Electivire. Rocco calms Hiori down, while the grunt presents Electivire, who is still not defeated, else it wouldn't be a member of Team Galactic. Electivire uses Quick Attack, managing to wrap Lucario. Electivire uses Thunder Shock on Lucario, then uses Rain Dance.

Electivire uses Thunder, shocking Lucario. The grunt tells Hiori to give up and go home. However, Lucario stands up, surprising the grunt it can still battle after taking a massive hit. Hiori is very determined to save Lily, ordering Lucario to use Water Pulse.