A Fated Reunion (運命の再会 The Fateful Reunion) is the 4th chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


New Pokémon thefts have been seen in the area. Hiori goes to track the thief and teams up with Rocco (reluctantly). They find the thief, who shocks both Lily and Hiori who she really is.

Chapter Plot

Mako, the newsreporter, comes to the bakery. Nazuna orders Hiori to give Mako the bread, surprising him Mako ordered too much of it. Mako tells she is investigating the Pokémon disappearances in the area, suspecting there is an organization taking them. She stops, only advising Hiori to watch over Lucario, for it is a rare Pokémon. Nazuna asks Mako if she wants a check, but Mako replies she wants 30 more bread rolls. Later, Hiori is in his thief ourfit, wanting to find out the other thieves.

However, he encounters Rocco, who does not want other thieves in the area, besides him. Hiori thinks they should work together, for their goal is to discover the thieves. Rocco refuses, considering Hiori as an enemy. Hiori leaves with Lucario, but Rocco changes his mind. Suddenly, they hear as a person's Chingling gets stolen. Hiori and Lucario descend via Hiori's Tangrowth. They find the thief, surprising Lucario. The thief sends a Mismagius, who uses Growl to distract them. Hiori orders an attack, but Lucario stands still, while the thief escapes.

Hiori wonders why Lucario behaved strangely back then. Hiori gets an idea, but does not reveal details to Rocco. Hiori still sees they need to track down the thief. Rocco thinks it is impossible to find the thief in this darkness, but is reminded Lucario can trace their aura. They find the thief, but Lucario hesitates to attack, even if Hiori orders Aura Sphere. Mismagius attacks with Psywave, but misses both of them. A new blast is fired, though Rocco and Hiori dodge. Rocco wonders if they have a Lucario too, so Hiori gets shocked, for this statement may be true.

Hiori jumps to Mismagius and dodges its attack. Hiori sends Gallade, who uses Leaf Blade on the thief. Hiori catches Chingling, while Gallade rips the thief's clothes, so Hiori mutters "Lily". Mismgaius uses Energy Ball on Hiori, but Rocco jumps and has Gardevoir teleport them all away. Lucario sees the thief and runs away.






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