Challenge From A Rival (ライバルからの挑戦状 The Rival's Challenge) is the 3rd chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Hiori receives a letter of challenge. He faces three challenges, each one more difficult than the last. Hiori manages to complete these challenges and meets a man, who considers him a rival.

Chapter Plot

A man has heard of the Phantom Thief, who is supposed to return the stolen goods to their owners. The man plots to see how much the Phantom Thief is really skilled, considering him a rival, being a thief himself. Later, Hiori receives a letter, being invited to a challenge. Even if he thinks it may be a trap, he still goes to take the challenge. He comes to a door, which is locked. Seeing a black panel, Hiori sends Tangrowth, who uses Solarbeam to the panel, which unlocks the door. Hiori knew that was a solar panel and goes inside. He sees a note on the next door, which states he needs to obtain a key from a capsule under ground.

He tries to reach to the capsule, but it'd be too tiersome for him. Seeing some springs, Hiori sends Lickilicky. Soon, the door opens, for Hiori's Lickilicky used dig, allowing him to connect the spring to the place where the key was, enabling the capsule to float, enough for Hiori to get the key and unlock the door. Hiori comes to a bunch of doors, reading a note only one path is correct. It states the path is written on the paper, but Hiori sees only a blank paper. Suddenly, they are attacked by a Magmortar. Lucario uses Quick Attack, but gts burned, due to Magmortar's Magma Armor.

Lucario uses Pulse Bomb, countering Magmortar's Flamethrower. It uses Detect, protecting itself from Magmortar's Fire Punch. Lucario gets burned by Flamethrower, but Hiori has an idea. Suddenly, Smokescreen engulfs the area. However, Lucario uses Pulse Bomb on Magmortar, who barely dodges, even amidst the smoke. Hiori tells Lucario can sense Magmortar's aura, making the smoke useless. Using Facade, Lucario defeats Magmortar. Hiori is pleased and bring the note closer to Magmortar, revealing the correct door is the right one. Hiori enters the room and is shocked.

He sees a man, who introduces himself as Rocco. Rocco tells he is also a thief, but steals whatever he wants. Pointing at Hiori, Rocco tells Hiori is his enemy. Rocco tells he collected all the info on Hiori, knowing he is a formidable foe, but will still defeat him. Hiori wonders why and is told Rocco is the only thief the world needs. Rocco sends Gardevoir, who teleports with Rocco, who promises he will meet Hiori once more. Hiori thinks these are just more annoyances.