Seven's Real Identity In Peril (ねらわれた素顔 Targeted Identity) is the 2nd chapter of Phantom Thief Pokémon 7.


Hiori, aka the Mysterious Thief, goes to the next location to complete his task. However, it is a trap, as a newsreporter, Mako, tries to unveil his identity. Hiori, however, makes a deceiving trick to fool Mako.

Chapter Plot

Nazuna still thinks of the Phantom Thief, shocking Hiori, for she fell in love with the thief. Nazuna informs Hiori she saw the thief coming out of Hiori's house. She wonders if Hiori is a friend of the thief. Hiori replies she must've come to a wrong house. Nazuna believes him, thinking Hiori could never be a friend with someone that exciting. Suddenly, a newsreporter for a magazine named Mako come. She came to track the identity of the thief, and has done a bit of investigating. Knowing the thief and Hiori have a Lucario, she accuses Hiori of being the thief.

Nazuma laughs, telling that Hiori could never be the thief, for the thief is cooler, wilder and kinder, even his Lucario is stronger than Hiori's. Nazuma begins to tell the story to Mako, while Hiori leaves. Later, Hiori came to his house and is glad Nazuma managed to convince Mako he is no thief. Still, he admits he needs to be more cautious from now on. Hiori goes to the next location the contact sent him. He is shocked, for the contact appears before him, the newsreporter, Mako. Mako admits she has trapped him, for Bastiodon guards the door, so she can reveal his identity. She sends Lopunny, who takes his mask off.

Hiori hides his face, while Lucario tries to catch Lopunny. Lucario fails to catch Lopunny, while Hiori hides his face from the camera, for Mako takes a few photos of him. Suddenly, Lopunny is thrown at Mako, allowing Hiori to put his mask on. Hiori goes to take the camera, but gets snatched by Lopunny, who gives it to Mako. Mako threatens to reveal his secret, but Hiori is calm and goes to reveal his face to Mako, allowing her to take a clear shot. Hiori goes to take off his mask, but instead, he sends his Mime Jr., who uses Trick, which snatches the camera and gives it to Hiori.

Hiori is pleased and leaves, jumping off and being caught by Drifblim. Mako is angry and promises he has not heard the last of her. Later, Hiori wonders if it was a good idea to take the camera, while Mako is being scolded for losing her camera.


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