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PO004: File 4 - Charizard

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General Other Information
Season: Pokémon Origins Char. of the Day:
Episode №: #PO04 Main: Red, Blue
Aired: JapanFlag October 2, 2013 Recurring: Professor Oak
UnitedStatesFlag November 22, 2013
Opening Theme: [[]] Minor: Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, Lance, Professor Oak's aide, Mr. Fuji, Reina
Badge(s): Setting:
Pokémon: Charizard (Red's; Mega Charizard X), Jolteon (Red's), Scyther (Red's), Dodrio (Red's), Lapras (Red's), Persian (Red's), Fearow (Red's; new), Arbok (Red's; new), Tentacool (Red's; new), Pikachu (Red's; new), Chansey (Red's; new), Rapidash (Red's), Tauros (Red's), Articuno (Red's; new), Zapdos (Red's; new), Moltres (Red's; new), Gengar (Red's), Mewtwo (Red's; new), Pidgeot (Blue's), Alakazam (Blue's), Rhydon (Blue's), Arcanine (Blue's), Exeggutor (Blue's), Blastoise (Blue's), Dewgong (Lorelei's), Onix (Bruno's), Gengar (Agatha's), Dragonite (Lance's), Vulpix (Pokémon House), Oddish (Pokémon House), Growlithe (Pokémon House), Cubone (Pokémon House), Rhydon (statue), Bulbasaur (Scientist review), Butterfree (Scientist review), Raticate (Scientist review), Clefable (Scientist review), Mankey (Scientist review), Machamp (Scientist review), Victreebel (Scientist review), Haunter (Scientist review), Seaking (Scientist review), Aerodactyl (Scientist review), Mew
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