Camp Pikachu (Japanese ピカピカ星空キャンプ Pikapika Starry Sky Camp) is the 12th Pikachu short. In the United States, it was released on DVD along with the movie Pokémon Heroes.


The Pichu Brothers are riding on the roof of a train back to their hometown. When they hit a bag attached to a pole that was vacated by a Skarmory, they are sent flying into the air and into a tree where a Wynaut is eating berries. The weight of the branch eventually sends all three flying.

Meanwhile, Pikachu and his friends are playing in the woods, chasing one another. The three airborne Pokémon land on Psyduck, and Pikachu is happy to be reuinited with his old friends.

Pikachu introduces his friends to the Pichu Brothers, and each says hello. The Pichu Brothers tell the others what happened on the train and that they need to find another one to get home. The group decides, led by Wynaut, to help them.

Along the way, the Pokémon have fun climbing rocks, eating fruit from the trees, and getting shot up a waterfall by Totodile's Water Gun. In another area, Meowth and Wobbuffet are in the middle of a tiring nature hike and are searching for the train station, only to get rolled down a steep hill.

As the sun sets, the Pokémon amuse themselves by making shadow pictures on a wall. Later, Cyndaquil uses its Flamethrower to light a campfire as a Duskull floats by. Pichu Little notices this and goes into the woods to investigate along with Wynaut. When Duskull reveals itself, Pichu Little is scared but Wynaut reassures him that the Duskull is his friend. Pichu Little has an idea. As the other Pokémon enjoy the campfire, Pichu Big is poked by a stick and goes into the woods. Duskull plays tricks on him and when Pichu Big backs into it, it chases him back to Pikachu and the others. It turns out that Pichu Little and Wynaut were playing a trick on him, but he laughs along with the others and watch as Duskull floats away.

All of a sudden, it starts to rain. A Pokémon holding a leaf as an umbrella flies towards the others, it's Volbeat. Pikachu asks if it knows a place where they can sleep, and Volbeat leads them to an old water mill where they settle down for the night. Meowth and Wobbuffet are walking in the rain and are scared by Duskull. They too arrive at the mill and see Pikachu and the others fast asleep. Meowth trips and accidentally hits a switch that turns the mill's gears on, which awakens the others. They try to save each other from being crushed in the chaos, and Meowth and Wobbuffet eventually blast off. To everyone's relief, Volbeat and Pikachu find the switch and turn the machines off.

The next morning after saying their goodbyes to Volbeat, the Pokémon follow the train tracks and find the train about to leave the station. They coast down a hill on leaves as a quick means of transportation, then hop on a train cart to try and catch up with the train. A group of Wynaut get it moving as Cyndaquil uses its Flamethrower to help it move faster. Pichu Big was able to make it onto the train, but Psyduck accidentally hits a switch that changes the cart's direction. As the cart flies into the air, Phanpy launches Pichu Little with help from Totodile's Water Gun, reuniting him with his brother as Pikachu and the others land in haystacks. Meowth and Wobbuffet fall into the coal car after being dropped by Skarmory.

As the train pulls away, the Pokémon wave goodbye to the Pichu Brothers. The narrator then suggests that maybe one day, they can visit the Pichu Brothers in their city.



  • The short marks the debuts of Volbeat and Duskull.
  • It also marks the return of the Pichu Brothers since Pikachu & Pichu.