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PC026: Kanga Games

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Ash and his friends are staying in a wintry mountain region which means lots of snow for all their Pokemon to play with. Togepi wanders into the woods and encounters a friendly Kangaskhan and its baby who's feeling shy. But the baby Kangaskhan grows curious when it sees all the other Pokemon playing and throwing snowballs at each other. Soon it's running around and and throwing snowballs with the best of them! Then Togepi and the baby Kangaskhan find a toy sled and take it for a ride which inspires all the other Pokemon to try sledding. One problem: there's a giant lake directly in their path!

Mama Kangaskhan leaps in to stop everyone from falling into the water and it turns out that Kangaskhan also makes a pretty good playground for small Pokemon. Everyone has lots of fun playing, but after a fun day in the snow, it's time for the two Kangaskhan to say goodbye. Then Ash and his friends come looking for their Pokemon who are especially happy to see them. There's nothing like the caring bond between a mother and its baby, or a Trainer and their Pokemon!

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