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PC023: Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)

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Meowth wants to enjoy the last days of his vacation with a picnic lunch in the park. But Meowth's sandwich starts floating in the air and it zooms away when Meowth tries to chase it! Meowth chases the sandwich through the park and runs right through the special reception Azumarill is preparing for Azurill who is coming from out of town. After a commotion like that, all the Pokemon friends end up chasing the sandwich! When the sandwich goes flying, Teddiursa catches it and gobbles it down in one gulp. The other Pokemon spot a footprint that suggests it was an invisible Pokemon who first swiped the sandwich, but who?

Just then, Meowth sees a strange red stripe floating by. This must be the invisible Pokemon! One of Pichu Brothers asks a Smeargle for help and Smeargle throws paint around until the invisible Pokemon is covered in paint and plain to see. It's a Kecleon! Kecleon runs away, but its paint-covered footsteps lead the others to a empty pipe. Inside the pipe are Kecleon and the Azurill that Azumarill was waiting for: Kecleon was stealing the food for Azurill! Once everything is cleared up, the Pokemon settle down to a delicious picnic with friends.

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