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PC020: Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1)

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In the middle of a busy city, Pichu Brothers are summoning their friends-Smoochum, Wooper, Magby and Teddiursa-to play. Meowth is in the town, too: he's taking a vacation from Team Rocket and dreaming of building a monument to himself. He sets out with a picnic basket to look for place to build his statue, but trips over Smoochum along the way. Smoochum has its own basket of accessories and it accidentally walks away with Meowth's basket instead. When Meowth chases Smoochum to get his picnic basket back, Smoochum runs to the alley where all its friends are and everyone plays keep away with the basket. Meowth finally grabs the basket, but then he steps on a sleeping Houndour and ends up running for his life. His basket rolls into Teddiursa's path and Teddiursa eats everything before Meowth can get the basket back.

The next day, Meowth decides to get a job so it can afford to build its monument. It gets a job delivering pizza, them promises to treat the other Pokémon if they deliver the pizza for it! However, Smoochum runs afoul of the local Squirtle gang, and crashes into Wooper. Teddiursa is squashed by a Snorlax. The Pichu Bros. run into the grumpy Houndour, and all of them collide with Magby. In short, all the pizza is ruined, and Meowth is fired!

Meowth then gets a job as janitor for a rooftop garden. The Pokémon try to make things up to Meowth by helping it clean, but the Pichu Bros. almost knock a statue off its pedestal in the process. That starts a chain reaction that causes the entire statue to collapse, knocking over all the pillars and statues in the garden. Poor Meowth is fired again! But as Meowth sits in the park, the Pokémon cheer it up by bringing the only thing they have left: a bowl of acorns. The acorns may taste terrible, but being admired by the other Pokémon feels great. It's a moment Meowth would like to last!

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