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In the middle of a busy city, Pichu Brothers are summoning their friends--Smoochum, Wooper, Magby and Teddiursa--to play. Meowth is in the town, too: he's taking a vacation from Team Rocket and dreaming of building a monument to himself. He sets out with a picnic basket to look for place to build his statue, but trips over Smoochum along the way. Smoochum has its own basket of accessories and it accidentally walks away with Meowth's basket instead. When Meowth chases Smoochum to get his picnic basket back, Smoochum runs to the alley where all its friends are and everyone plays keep away with the basket. Meowth finally grabs the basket, but then he steps on a sleeping Houndour and ends up running for his life. His basket rolls into Teddiursa's path and Teddiursa eats everything before Meowth can get the basket back.

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