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PC004: Delibird's Dilemma

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On the day before Christmas, Pikachu and its Pokemon friends are playing in a snowy town. But their snowball bowling game goes awry and Totodile's snowball knocks a passing Delibird out of the sky! Delibird crashes down onto Meowth and Wobbuffet, who were out for an innocent stroll, but a wild Skarmory is annoyed at the racket and sends them all blasting off. Delibird has another bumpy landing and now it's in a panic because it's lost all the presents that were in its sack. If they're not found by midnight, they won't be delivered for Christmas! Fortunately, Pikachu and its friends will help Delibird find all the presents.

Everyone splits up into two groups. Pikachu's group finds one present on top of a boat, while Bulbasaur's group spots another present in the forest. A third present is retrieved from the clutches of a wild Aipom. Just before midnight, two groups meet up in town and discover the last missing present in a tree. When they try to grab it, it goes flying into the air and the wild Aipom comes to the rescue with a last-minute catch! Now the presents are in place and the holiday is saved, thanks to Pikachu and its friends.

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