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RGB002: Bulbasaur, Come Home!

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VS Bulbasaur is the second chapter in the Pokémon Adventures series where Red obtains his second Pokémon, Bulbasaur. Just when Red was about to obtain Bulbasaur, Professor Oak mistook Red as a thief and tries to catch Red.


Red sneaks into Professor Oak's Lab as he finds the door open.He find out there were many various types of pokemon in his lab.He also found a unique pokemon with a bulb behind his back.As he was examing that pokemon Prof.Oak came back and told him a theif he mistakenly fell on the shelf where all the okemons were kept and so they escaped.Prof.Oak told Red to help him get back his pokemon.As they manged to catch all pokemon the last one remaining  was Bulbasaur.But it was stuborn and it'll not listen to Oak so Red asked Bulbsaur that if it was hungry or not it responded to Red and soon it befriended him and also make it his own pokemon.He got the Pokedex and some pokeballs as reward for helping Prof.Oak.  


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