P1 Grand Prix

The center of the P1 Grand Prix ring

The P1 Grand Prix, or the Pokémon Number One Grand Prix, is a Pokémon tournament hosted in Celadon City that allows only Fighting-type Pokémon to participate, but seems to follow the TCG's principles, allowing Rock and Ground-Pokémon to enter. The P1 Grand Prix made its only appearance in The Punchy Pokémon but was mentioned by Kiyo in A Tyrogue Full of Trouble. Each trainer enters one Pokémon and battles another trainer in a one-on-one battle until only one competitor is left. The prize is a gold belt that resembles the Machop family's belts.

P1 Grand Prix Prize

The prize awarded to the winner

Ash and Brock entered the tournament with their Primeape and Geodude to help a girl snap her father out of his training focused mindset. Geodude was knocked out by the Hitmonlee Team Rocket stole. It then went on to the finals and lost to Ash's Primeape, giving Primeape the title of P1 Champ.


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