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Outskirt Stand is a location in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. After sabotaging the hideout of Team Snagem, a band of thieving trainers. This rundown watering hole is built from a locomotive that long ago lost its motive. The young trainer Willie and his Pokémon may work there.


Pokemon Colosseum

  • Rider Willie: Zigzagoon LV 24, Zigzagoon LV 24
  • Rider Willie (rematch): Zigzagoon LV 29, Linoone LV 30
  • Rider Willie (after beating game): Girafarig LV 54, Dodrio LV 53, Linoone LV 53
  • Cipher Peon Fein: Armaldo LV 68, Milotic LV 68, Manectric LV 68, Houndoom LV 68, Gyarados LV 68, Togetic LV 20 (Shadow)

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

  • Miror B: Lombre LV 26, Lombre LV 26, Lombre LV 26, Ludicolo LV 26, Nosepass LV 26+ (Shadow)
  • Rider Willie: Zigzagoon LV 24, Zigzagoon LV 24, Linoone LV 26, Linoone LV 26
  • Rider Willie (after beating game): Linoone LV 50, Linoone LV 50, Linoone LV 50, Linoone LV 50

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