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One Island

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One Island
1のしま Island 1
"Friends Gather at Knot Island"
One island
Location info
Region: Sevii Islands
Connecting routes: Kindle Road

Treasure Beach

One Island Map
Location of One Island in Sevii Islands.

One Island is a small town located on Knot Island in the Sevii Islands. It houses a tiny center to communicate with the Hoenn region, and a small hot springs along the side of Kindle Road and Mt. Ember. A Legendary Pokémon, Fire-type Moltres, resides on Mt.Ember's peak in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Treasure Beach is located to the south of One Island. The Hoenn communication machine is housed in the Pokemon Center here. Celio is the person who watches over. He often says that it isn't quite ready yet.

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