For other versions of Meowstic belonging to Olympia, see Olympia's Meowstic.

This Meowstic is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Olympia.


X&Y031 14

Meowstic, with the other Gym Leaders and their Pokémon, helping close the Ultimate Weapon.

Olympia, along with her Meowstic, came to Laverre City with Valerie and Grant. When Valerie started to question Trevor whether the Laverre City's tree looks grander than Xerneas tree, Olympia had Meowstic pull Valerie, for they had to be going.[1]

After the Ultimate Weapon had been activated, Olympia had Meowstic create a barrier, along with her Slowking and Valerie's Mr. Mime.[2]

Olympia and Meowstic, along with other Gym Leaders, were fighting Team Flare forces, stationed at other cities.[3] Clemont recalled how the Pokémon, including Meowstic, surrounded Delphox, but Shauna's Tri-P would't leave it alone.[4]

Known moves

None of Meowstic's moves are known.

See also

Olympia's Meowstic (female; anime)


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