Olympia is a Gym Leader that appears in X and Y. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon.

Olympia's Gym will throw the player character for a loop; she and her disciples are in another dimension inside it. The player character must step into the symbol to reveal them. She rarely speaks in complete, intelligible sentences (likely due to her psychic powers), leaving the player character confused.


Olympia is a dark-skinned woman, having curled purple hair and violet eyes. Olympia wears a pair of star-styled earrings, a black suit with a steel color on her shoulders, two rings around her arms, as well as grey ballet-like shoes. Olympia also wears a silver cloak, with star pattern underneath. She also wears red lipstick and white nail polish.


Olympia is very regal and poised with her battling skills. Because of her lack of verbal skills, Olympia comes off as rather introverted and perhaps psychologically deep or complex. It's this phenomenon, that makes her unique among others of her type specialty.



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Olympia appears in the Japanese opening of Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest, along with her two Meowstic.



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