Olivine City is Johto's city port. Jasmine's gym (the 6th one the player comes across) is here. The main area of interest is the Glitter Lighthouse which houses an Ampharos, named Amphy by Jasmine, that has to be cured with the Secret Potion retrieved from Cianwood City. It is connected to Ecruteak City by the Routes 38 and 39 in northwest, and connected by Routes 40 and 41 to Cianwood City in southwest. After Johto's Elite Four are defeated, the players is allowed to access the S.S. Aqua in the port to travel and start off in Kanto. After defeating Sabrina, she will be at the port on Sundays.

Gym Info

Main article: Olivine City Gym

In the anime

In JE092: Fight For The Light!, Ash and his friends arrive to Olivine City so the former can have a gym battle against the Gym Leader, Jasmine. But due to her Ampharos, Jasmine refuses to battle Ash until it's feeling better.



  • A man in house northeast of Poké Mart will trade Voltorb for Krabby.
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