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Olive Jungle is a jungle located near Summerland in the south of Fiore. It is the location of the fourth numbered mission in Pokémon Ranger, as well as a few minor missions. The Jungle Relic can be found within the jungle.

The Summerland Tourism Bureau has put up signs throughout the jungle.

The aim of the first visit to the Olive Jungle is to rescue Percy's Politoed, which has been captured by a Go-Rock Squad grunt. After the grunt causes various trouble, Politoed is recaptured for Percy at the entrance to the Jungle Relic. Later in the game, a man with a phobia of bugs must be escorted through an area of Bug Pokémon to retrieve the parts for a machine to gain access to Panula Cave. This mission is ended by calming a rampaging Gyarados. In the third Ranger Net mission, a Mew must be captured in the jungle to prove that Percy is not a liar.

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