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Oldale Town is located north of Littleroot Town and Route 101, east of Route 102 and south of Route 103. This is the first town the player visit with a Pokémon Center.

Pokémon AppearancesEdit

There are no Pokémon in this area.

Poké Mart MerchandiseEdit

Here is the list of items sold in the Poké Mart in Oldale Town. You meet a famous person there.

Item Price Descriptions
Poké Balls $200 A tool for catching POKéMON.
Potion $300 Restores the HP of a POKéMON by 20 points.
Antidote $100 Heals a poisoned POKéMON.
Parlyz Heal $200 Heals a paralyzed POKéMON.
Awakening $250 Awakens a sleeping POKéMON.


Free Poké Mart's GoodiesEdit

Visit the Poké Mart representative next to a house. He will tell you to follow to the Poké Mart and tell you that you can buy goods from the Poké Mart. He will give you a promotional item, Potion.

The price for items at the Poké Marts are consistent at every shop across Hoenn.

Ruby-Sapphire Oldale Town 1

Blocked Route 102Edit

Ruby-Sapphire Oldale Town 2 You cannot access Route 102 as it is blocked by a researcher. The scientist is sketching what he believes are footprints from rare Pokémon. To access it, you must go to Route 103 to defeat Prof. Birch's child and come back to the place again. The researcher will step aside and say "I am finish sketching the footprints of a rare Pokémon, but it turns out it was my own footprints".

The Pokémon CenterEdit

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