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Catching a fish in LeafGreen

Old Rod is a weak fishing rod that catches Pokémon within large bodies of water. It is given to the player by a fisher. In Generation I all it will catch is Magikarp.


  • In Generation I and Fire Red/Leaf Green, you can get the old rod by talking to a Fisherman in Vermilion City. 
  • In Generation II and Heart Gold/Soul Silver, you can get it from a Fisherman in the Pokémon Center on Route 32.
  • In Generation III, you can get it just outside Dewford Town or the same Old Man in Vermilion City as Generation I.
  • In Generation IV, you can get it from a Fisherman in the Gate between Route 218/Jubilife City.
  • In Generation V, there is only one fishing rod (the super rod). You cannot obtain the old rod in Generation V. 
  • In Generation VI, you can get it from a Fisherman in Ambrette Aquarium in X/Y or the same Fisherman in Dewford Town as Generation III in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. 

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