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Old Man Shuckle's Shuckle
Japanese Name
Old Man Shuckle's Shuckle
Trainer: Old Man Shuckle
Debut: A Better Pill to Swallow
Current location: With Old Man Shuckle

Old Man Shuckle's Shuckle is a bug/rock-type Pokémon owned by Old Man Shuckle.


Old Man Shuckle had many Shuckle. He put berries in their shells and when time passed, he would've gotten berry juice. He uses Spoopy to find them. When Team Rocket drank the berry juice of a shiny Shuckle, many Pokémon, including the Shuckle, were attracted to them. However, Old Man Shuckle sprayed powder to nullify the effects.

Known moves

None of Shuckle's moves are known.

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