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Old Chateau


Status: Abandoned
Location: Eterna Forest
Region: Sinnoh
Pokémon Type(s): Ghost

The Old Chateau (もりのようかん Forest Manor) is an old abandoned mansion in Eterna Forest. It is apparently haunted.


Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

The Old Chateau is not important to the plot. When the player comes here, you see Gardenia in front of it. When spoken to, she tells the player that it is thought to be haunted, and she would explore it but she is busy. It is hinted she may be afraid of the place, due to stammering.

She leaves, and you are lead to enter the mansion yourself. Upon entering, you find it abandoned. After exploring, you find the ghost of a little girl, and the ghost of an old man. Finally, upstairs, you find a TV. If it is knocked on, Rotom appears and battles you.


The Old Chateau is a haunted mansion, and houses many ghosts.

  • Ghost-Type Pokémon - the mansion is infested with Ghost-Type Pokémon, including a Rotom that haunts a television.You must thump the TV
  • Little Girl Ghost - The ghost of a little girl appears in one room. You cannot interact with her, and after leaving the room, she is nowhere to be found in the entire mansion.

The room with the TV used to encounter Rotom

  • Old Man Ghost - The ghost of an old man, possibly a butler, haunts the dining area. He glides across the room, and disappears in the kitchen.
  • Glaring Statue - A statue of a Pokémon appears in the main room. It glares at you if you speak to it.
  • Haunted Picture - In an upstairs room, a haunted picture appears. It will close its eyes if you walk close to it, and upon going into another room, its eyes will follow you. It is highly implied it is of a Gengar, since you can find a Gengar in the room with FireRed or LeafGreen in the bottom of the DS Lite.
  • Rotom - Rotom haunts the television upstairs.


  • There are some rumors there is another ghost of an old woman, though it is unconfirmed and little evidence suggests it is even there.
  • In a survay only 3 out of 100 people had seen it

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