Oichi is the hero or heroine's helper in Pokémon Conquest. She is a sweet, kindhearted girl with strength and resolve. By nature she is not drawn to battle, but has nonetheless adjusted to the inevitable encounters with it.


Oichi meets the player in the Kingdom of Aurora where she is bullied by two people from the Ignis Kingdom. The hero or heroine then helps her and drives off the thugs.

After defeating Shingen/Kenshin and a confrontation with Nobunaga, she reveals to the player that she is Nobunaga's sister, but the player keeps her around.

Spurred on by her friends and followers, Oichi enters a contest to decide the rightful owner of the title Ransei's Greatest Beauty.


Image Pokémon Information
Oichi PC 039
PC 040
Oichi - A supporting character that helps the player. She is partnered with a Jigglypuff.

PC Oichi R1

PC Oichi R2


  • Rank 1: Sweet Song. Restores HP of all allied Pokémon.
  • Rank 2: Soft Light. Cures status ailments and restores HP for all allied Pokémon.


  • You mustn't miss this opportunity! Now's the time to fight, (Lord/Lady)!
  • Your link with Eevee, (Lord/Lady) it's already so strong. You might just be the one.
  • Oh I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet! My name is Oichi. I've been on a journey with Jigglypuff here.
  • I've decided you're the one I want to serve (Lord/Lady) Please let me!
  • I won't fight for any other Warlord! Please!
  • You're the only one I want to work for, (Lord/Lady) Please Please, let me join you!
  • All right I understand. If you really don't want me to join you. Actually no I'm not giving up, (Lord/Lady) Please let me join you!
  • As a warrior, I will give my all in your service.